Dr Rohan Curnow


Dr Rohan Curnow

Doctor of Sacred Theology (Summa cum laude), Collegium Christi Regis, Toronto (2014)
Doctor of Theology, Regis College and University of Toronto (2011)
Licentiate in Sacred Theology (Summa cum laude), Collegium Christi Regis, Toronto (2009)
Advanced Diploma in Lonergan Studies (Summa cum laude), Regis College, Toronto (2009)
Master of Theology (Theology), Sydney College of Divinity (Catholic Institute of Sydney) (2006)
Master of Arts (Theology), Australian Catholic University (Signadou) (2001)
Bachelor of Theology (Theology and Biblical Studies), Australian Catholic University (Signadou) (2003)
Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy and Religious Studies), Australian National University (1998)


Areas of Research Interest
Anthropology, Methodology, Latin American Liberation Theology, Historical Jesus Studies and Systematic Christology


I am Sydney-born and Canberra-raised. I grew up in a moderately large Catholic family -- with seven siblings -- in Weston Creek in the ACT. I attended Weston Primary, Marist College, and completed the earlier tranche of my tertiary education in Canberra at the Australian National University and the Australian Catholic University, Signadou. During my university studies in Canberra I enjoyed working part-time: in the early years for a private records management firm and later for the National Archives of Australia. 

Three semesters in Sydney saw me complete a Master of Theology at the Catholic Insitute of Sydney before heading back to Canberra to teach at ACU for eighteen months. In 2005
I was awarded the Dr John Charles Beer Travelling Fellowship for Lonergan Studies which enabled me to read for my doctorate at Regis College, the Jesuit Graduate Faculty of Theology at the University of Toronto. I joined the faculty at the Catholic Institute of Sydney as a lecturer in theology upon my return to Australia in 2010.

I am a member of
Alpha Sigma Nu and an Affiliate Research Fellow at the Australian Catholic University. I served as the Secretary of the Australian Catholic Theological Association from 2012–2015 and in 2016 was elected as its Vice President. 

At CIS I held the position of Academic Registrar from 2013 until early 2016 at which time I was appointed Academic Dean. I was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Lonergan Institute at Boston College for Semester 2, 2016. In 2018 I was appointed to the position of Deputy President at CIS. 


Select Publications
Curnow, Rohan. “Which Preferential Option for the Poor? A History of the Doctrine’s Bifurcation”. Modern Theology 31:1 (2015), 29–59.

Curnow, Rohan. The Preferential Option for the Poor: A Short History and a Reading Based on the Thought of Bernard Lonergan (Milwaukee, WI: Marquette University Press, 2014).

Curnow, Rohan. “Stirrings of the Preferential Option for the Poor at Vatican II: The Work of the ‘Group of the Church of the Poor.” Australasian Catholic Record 89:4 (2012), 420–32.

Curnow, Rohan. “History, Society, and the Hermeneutics of the Poor: A Preliminary Exploration of the Understanding of the Preferential Option for the Poor in Robert Doran’s Theology and the Dialectics of History.” Method 1/2 (2010), 105–23.

Curnow, Rohan. “John O’Malley on Vatican II and Bernard Lonergan’s Realms of Meaning”. Irish Theological Quarterly 75:2 (2010), 188–203.

Curnow, Rohan. “Robert Doran’s Theology of History and the Liberation of the Poor,” in Meaning and History in Systematic Theology: Essays in Honor of Robert M. Doran, S. J., ed John Dadosky. 51–70. Milwaukee, WI: Marquette University Press, 2009.

Curnow, Rohan. “Theos, Cosmos and Anthropos: Trinity, Incarnation and Creation in the Framework of Raimon Panikkar’s Cosmothreandric Vision,” The Australian eJournal of Theology 6 (Feb 2006).