Diploma of Christian Studies
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Diploma of Christian Studies

Diploma of Christian Studies


About this course

Course Title:

Diploma of Christian Studies (CRICOS: 071257J)

AQF Level:

AQF 5 – Diploma



Entrance Requirements:

Satisfactory Completion of Year 12 in the Australian School System or Equivalent
Mature Age Entry for 21+

Course Duration:

1 year full-time or 3 years part-time

Course Structure

72 credit points (8 course units) at AQF 7 level (7100–7300 series)

  • at least one course unit (9 credit points) in Biblical Studies
  • at least one course unit (9 credit points) in Theology
  • one sub-major (36 credit points) in either Christian Thought or Christian Practice

Christian Thought: Biblical Studies, Church History, Philosophy, Theology

Christian Practice: Christian Ethics, Christian Spirituality, Mission, Pastoral Counselling, Pastoral Theology, Worship and Liturgy


Graduate Rationale

The Diploma of Christian Studies course is an undergraduate award that introduces students to Christian studies within higher education. Graduates will have acquired basic knowledge, skills, and values of Christian relevance to their professional, family, church, social, or personal lives and have deepened their awareness of the nature and scope of theology and their affinity with it as a field of study within higher education.

It provides an opportunity to undertake some theological study with special focus on Christian Thought or Christian Practice.


Articulation to Other SCD Awards

The Diploma of Christian Studies is both a stand-alone award and a nested award in the Associate Degree of Christian Thought and Practice (AQF 6) and the Bachelor of Theology (AQF 7). As a result it articulates directly into either of these awards. On completion of either of these further awards the student would surrender the Diploma of Christian Studies. The award may be retained if no credit is granted into the further awards.