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Programs and Courses


Through our partnership with The University of Notre Dame Australia, we offer a wide range of civilly accredited coursework and research programs. Some of these programs constitute the distinctive offerings appropriate to Catholic Institute of Sydney as an ecclesiastical faculty and are taught by CIS’s lecturers. Other programs are available that enable students to attend either, or both, The University of Notre Dame Australia and Catholic Institute of Sydney, taking courses toward their programs of study. The University of Notre Dame Australia also has its own suite of programs on offer.


Please address all course and award queries to the CIS Registry and Student Support Officer, Mr George Stanton or the Academic Dean, Prof. Rohan Curnow:

Phone: +61 2 9752 9500    EmailClick Here

Our Courses

At Catholic Institute of Sydney our coursework is taught across four fields of study: Humanities, Sacred Scripture, Theology, and Pastoral Studies. These fields are further divided into distinct disciplines indicated below:


  • Philosophy
  • Church History
  • Patrology
  • Auxiliary Disciplines (Ancient Languages)


Sacred Scripture

  • Old Testament Studies
  • New Testament Studies


  • Dogmatic Theology (inc. Fundamental Theology)
  • Spiritual Theology
  • Moral Theology


Pastoral Studies

  • Pastoral Theology and Ministry
  • Liturgical Studies
  • Canon Law

Our Programs

The programs unique to Catholic Institute of Sydney are listed below. For further information, please contact the Academic Dean at Catholic Institute of Sydney. Please note that this website is currently being updated in light of our partnership with The University of Notre Dame Australia and some sections are not yet complete.

Foundational Civil Coursework Programs

Advanced Civil Coursework Programs

Civil Research Program

Our Ecclesiastical Awards

In addition to the civil programs offered at Catholic Institute of Sydney as an ecclesiastical faculty, canonically erected in 1954 by Papal authority to teach the sacred sciences, we also confer on suitably qualified students the Sacrae Theologiae Baccalaureatus, the Sacrae Theologiae Licentiatus, and the Sacrae Theologiae Doctoratus. These awards are earnt in conjunction with one or more of the civil programs detailed above, usually the Bachelor of Divinity, Master of Divinity, Master of Sacred Theology, or Doctor of Theology. Details of these ecclesiastical awards are also listed below.

In addition to the civil and ecclesiastical awards courses listed above, students can also choose to study the following UNDA civil awards, which are shared with CIS, and approved for delivery at both campuses:

  • the Undergraduate Certificate of Philosophy or Theology;
  • the Diploma of Theology;
  • the Associate Degree in Theology;
  • the Graduate Certificate of Theology;
  • the Graduate Diploma of Philosophy or Theology;
  • the Master of Theological Studies;
  • the research Master of Philosophy in Philosophy or Theology;
  • the research Doctor of Philosophy.

Details on these programs are available here, under Program Requirements, on the website of The University of Notre Dame Australia.