Rev. Noel Connolly ssc

Noel Connolly 

Rev. Noel Connolly ssc


Diploma Korean Language [2 years] Yonsei University, Seoul, 1973

STL [Masters in Theology - Academia Alfonsiana, Lateran University, Rome], 1976

BA in the Social Sciences [Macquarie University], 1981

Master of Business Studies [Research] Dublin City University, Ireland, 1993. Thesis, An Evaluation of a Process of Strategic Planning in the Missionary Society of St. Columban.


Research Interests


Pope Francis’ Theology of Mission

Migration & the Growing Multicultural Australian Church



Fr. Noel Connolly is a Columban Missionary who was ordained priest in 1969 and served as a missionary in Korea, 1970-74. He was the founding Chaplain to the Korean Catholic Community, Sydney, 1977-81. He was a lecturer in Moral Theology, St. Columban’s and Union Theological Institute 1976-84. He was Rector of St. Columban’s College and the Pacific Mission Institute from 1979-84.

He was Dean of the Union Theological Institute [Sydney], 1979-80, 1984 and President of Union Theological Institute, 1981-83. As such he was a founding member of the Council of the Sydney College of Divinity.

From 1985-88 he was the Central Coordinator for Justice & Peace for the Missionary Society of St. Columban and later Vicar-General of the Missionary Society of St. Columban throughout the world, 1988-2000. Both of these appointments were based in Ireland.

After returning to Australia he was Director of the Columban Mission Institute, Sydney, 2002–05 and then Director of the Columban Region of Australia and New Zealand 2005-11.

He has lectured in Mission Theology at the Catholic Institute of Sydney and the Broken Bay Institute 2003 – and is currently Head of Mission Studies at the Columban Mission Institute, the Catholic Institute of Sydney and the Broken Bay Institute. He is a founding member of the Australian Association for Mission Studies.

He was also: Member of the Council of the Broken Bay Institute 2003-2013; Chair of the Australian Mission Network 2012–2015; Member of the Council of Catholic Religious Australia 2008-2010

He is also a consultant and lecturer in Multiculturalism to various Australian Dioceses and religious congregations.


Selected Publications

“Ad Gentes to Evangelii Gaudium: Mission’s Move to the Centre”, Australasian Catholic Record. October (2015): 387-402

“Growing a Truly Multicultural Australian Catholic Church” in Darren Cronshaw & Rosemary Dewerse [eds.] We are Pilgrims: Mission in and with the Margins of our Diverse World. UNOH Publishing, Dandenong. 2015

Pope Francis’ Inspiring Vision, Columban Publications, Essendon. 2015

“New Evangelisation in Australia,” SEDOS Bulletin Vol 45 No. 4, (2013)