Dr Robert Andrews




Dr. Robert M. Andrews

Doctor of Philosophy, Murdoch University, 2012

Bachelor of Arts (Honours - First Class), University of Notre Dame Australia, 2007

Areas of Research Interest
- Anglicanism and English Catholicism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

- The life and thought of John Henry Newman

- High Churchmanship in the Church of England

- The Oxford Movement

I completed my Bachelor of Arts (Honours – 1st class) at the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle in 2007, with a double major in history and philosophy. My honours thesis was on John Henry Newman's Mariology. I subsequently went on to study a PhD in Church History at Murdoch University under the supervision of Professor Rowan Strong, which I completed in 2012. I have taught ecclesiastical history at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Murdoch University, and the Centre for Faith Enrichment. In early 2016 I took up the position of Lecturer in Church History at the Catholic Institute of Sydney.

My research interests are ecumenical and focus on Anglicanism and Catholicism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Recent publications include: Lay Activism and the High Church Movement of the Late Eighteenth Century: The Life and Thought of William Stevens, 1732-1807 (Leiden: Brill, 2015) and Apologia Pro Beata Maria Virgine: John Henry Newman's Defence of the Virgin Mary in Catholic Doctrine and Piety (Palo Alto: Academica, 2017).