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Reflecting on the Year of St Joseph

Devotions to St Joseph


“Would that I could persuade all men to be devout to this glorious saint, by reason of the great experience I have had of the blessings he obtains from God. I have never known any one who was truly devoted to him, who performed particular devotions in his honor that did not advance more in virtue, for he assists in a special manner those souls who recommend themselves to him.” *




Assorted devotionals from the Collection.



Devotion to Saint Joseph for the young by Father Huguet, S.M., 1878. (ACH 244.4 HUG)



Saint Joseph’s anthology: poems in praise of the foster-father by Rev. Matthew Russell, S.J., 1897. (CHB 225.92 JOS)


*Life of Saint Teresa (1870), p.77.