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Reflecting on the Year of St Joseph

St Joseph in Art


While St Joseph has featured in the Church’s sacred art and iconography from antiquity—from his appearance in the mosaics of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome (c. 340), to his depiction in the lustrous frescos of Fra Angelico (c. 1540)—his prominence therein can be seen from the seventeenth century onwards, following the Reformation. Among Catholics of this era, increasing devotion to St Joseph is seen in the frequency with which his ‘happy death’ in the arms of Jesus and Mary is portrayed.



The Flight into Egypt (Gustave Dore)_low

‘The Flight into Egypt’ by Gustave Dore, Bible Pictures: two hundres engravings. (CRB 220.22 DOR)


St Joseph in Art-3_medium

‘L’enfance de Jésus à Nazareth’ fresque de M. Savinien Petit, Jesus-Christ par Louis Veuillot. (CRB Q226.6 VEU)


St Joseph in Art-1_high

‘Death of S. Joseph’, Joseph: advocate of hopeless cases. (CRB 244.4 HUG)