Student Policies

Policy on a Smoke-Free Working Environment


This smoke-free policy is established by Catholic Institute of Sydney to meet the requirements of the Smoke-free Environments Act 2000(NSW) and its subsequent amendments. The Institute asks for the co-operation of staff, students and visitors to ensure that Catholic Institute of Sydney provides and maintains a smoke-free study and work environment.



The policy is established to ensure:

that everyone at Catholic Institute of Sydney is entitled to a smoke-free environment in all the areas normally used for study and work

that everyone who does not smoke, or who does not wish to smoke in their place of work or study, shall, so far as is reasonably practicable, be protected from tobacco smoke in their place of work or study.



Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Institute building, including individual offices and staff and student common areas.

Staff and students who need to smoke should do so out of doors.

Outside areas adjacent to buildings, where smoking may affect other people, may be designated as no smoking areas.

The international no smoking symbol will be displayed in the Institute as a reminder of the smoke-free policy.

A reference to the smoke-free policy will be published in the CIS Academic Regulations and Procedures Handbook annually.

Any complaint about smoking in the workplace shall be made to the Institute Deputy President who shall arrange for the complaint to be investigated and, if it appears that a contravention has occurred, shall attempt to resolve the complaint.

Where a complaint cannot be resolved by agreement, it will be dealt with according to the formal complaint procedures of the Institute.



The implementation of this policy depends on everyone at Institute responding courteously and responsibly to the desire for a smoke-free environment.


Issued by the President: 24 July 2003.