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About Us

President's Welcome

Welcome to Catholic Institute of Sydney (CIS)

I am pleased to introduce you to CIS and the different possibilities it may provide for those of you who are interested in theological and related studies, be it in a manner of formal studies, like those undertaken by candidates for ordination to the priesthood or permanent diaconate in the Catholic Church or for various kinds of ministry in the Church or for personal enrichment.


The Catholic Institute of Sydney is recognised in two jurisdictions.

As an ecclesiastical faculty, CIS was canonically erected in 1954 by Papal authority — through the Congregation for Seminaries and Universities — to teach the sacred sciences and to confer the Baccalaureate, Licence, and Doctorate of Sacred Theology. The Apostolic Constitution of Pope Francis, Veritatis Gaudium, provides the universal law for ecclesiastical faculties. The statutes and regulations of each faculty are expected to take account of the “university practice in the local area”. The Statutes of the Catholic Institute of Sydney are those as approved by the Congregation for Catholic Education on the 29th July 2021.

The Catholic Institute of Sydney, like all tertiary institutions in Australia, is subject to the appropriate commonwealth authorities. It relates to relevant bodies as a Partner Institution of the University of Notre Dame, Australia. All University of Notre Dame, Australia undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and research programs taught at Catholic Institute of Sydney are accredited by the Australian Government’s Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).

Mission & Life

Mission Statement

The Catholic Institute of Sydney seeks to be a community of faith and learning, a community whose members work together through scholarship and service to bring the Gospel into dialogue with Australian Culture. In order to realise its mission, the Catholic Institute of Sydney promotes study in theology, philosophy, and the humanities; it draws upon and develops the intellectual and spiritual heritage of the Catholic Church and the wider Christian tradition; it is enriched by its participation in the Sydney College of Divinity; and it values and learns from other religious traditions. Catholic Institute of Sydney is committed to the pursuit of excellence, intellectual integrity, and academic freedom. In all its relationships, it is dedicated to co-responsibility, justice and equity.

Life at the Catholic Institute of Sydney

With the support and encouragement of all its members, the Catholic Institute of Sydney (CIS) seeks to develop a spirit of friendship and welcome. All are encouraged to share in the various aspects of CIS life, such as daily Mass, social functions, and the management of day-to-day activities. The classroom is a place of teaching and learning where views may be freely expressed and experiences shared within the limitation of the aims of the course. The relationship between students and teachers extends beyond the classroom. Students are welcome to consult teachers outside the classroom when particular needs or difficulties arise. From time to time during the year CIS offers public lectures on contemporary issues of interest to the Christian community and Australian society.