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Dr Kenneth Brimaud

Dr Kenneth Brimaud

Biblical Studies and Spirituality

BA (Sydney, 1975), LLB (Sydney, 1976), PhB (PUST, 2007), STB (PUST, 2003), STL (PUST, 2004), STD (PUG, 2015)

+ 61 2 9752 9514


  • Doctor of Sacred Theology (Summa cum laude), Pontifical  Gregorian University, Rome (2015)
  • Licentiate in Sacred Theology (Summa cum laude), Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome (2005)
  • Bachelor of Sacred Theology (Summa cum laude), Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome (2003)
  • Bachelor of Philosophy (Magna cum laude), Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome (2007)
  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Sydney (1976)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Government and Public Policy, and History), University of Sydney (1975)


Areas of Research Interest

Johannine Literature, New Testament Studies, Biblical and Spiritual Theology, Biblical Christology, Prophetic Literature, Hermeneutics and Exegesis, Historical Jesus Studies, Biblical Archaeology, Inter-Religious Theological Studies.



After completing my studies at Sydney University I practised as a corporate lawyer, and managing partner of a national law firm, served as President of the City of Sydney Regional Law Society and Secretary-General (Oceania) of the Union Internationale des Avocats, an international association of lawyers and an NGO dedicated to defending Human Rights. I served on the Board of various Government Commercial, Cultural, and Health institutions, as President of the Museum of Applied Arts and Science (‘the Powerhouse’),  the National Museum in Canberra, Eastern Sydney Area Health Board, TransGrid, and various non-Government Boards, including the Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute, Australian Theatre for Young People, Australian Chamber Orchestra, among others. I also served on two NSW Ministerial Advisory Councils – Health and Education.

I made a life-changing decision when I decided to go to Rome to undertake studies in Philosophy and Theology. Encouraged by my professors, I undertook a doctorate in Sacred Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, and upon completion was offered a number of teaching posts. I began teaching in 2015 at the Angelicum Pontifical University, where I taught Scripture and Spirituality in the Baccalaureate and Licentiate programs to students from all parts of the world. In 2019, I also began teaching theology at CIS.

I supplemented my studies in Rome by familiarizing myself with the geography, history, and archaeology of the Bible, involving extensive travel to most of the archaeological sites and museums, the monuments, the roadways, and surrounding areas associated with the places mentioned in the New and Old Testaments. I visited Israel and Palestine (twice), Lebanon, Jordan, Syria (twice), Turkey (five times), Egypt, Greece, and Italy, as well as the entirety of the islands of Crete, Malta, Cyprus (North and South), and other Greek Islands mentioned in the New Testament, tracing the old Roman road systems, and meeting with local museum directors and archaeologists.

My studies, teaching experience, and interaction with students – lay, religious, and clerical – have made me appreciate the importance of a solid foundation in Scripture for Christian formation, theology, spirituality, and witness. Thus the first published article I authored was: “Lo zelo per il Vangelo lo spinge oltre i confini” (‘The zeal for the Gospel pushed him beyond the Borders’), Vita Pastorale No.1, Periodici San Paolo, Alba, Italia, No. 1 Gennaio 2006. I have edited at the publishers request my substantial doctoral thesis on The Holy-Spirit Paraclete in the Gospel of John, so it appeals to a wider audience, having published an extract, and have undertaken considerable research already for future proposed publications on Biblical subjects.  I am a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, and have joined the SCD Center for Gospel Research. As well, I am a Director of ‘Faith-based Online Learning Directors’ (FOLD), devoted to the advancement of distance learning in theological education.