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Dr Robert Tilley

Dr Robert Tilley

Old Testament

BA (Sydney, 1989), MA (Sydney, 1991), BD (Sydney, 1993), PhD (Sydney, 2001)

+ 61 2 9752 9525


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Sydney (2001)
  • Bachelor of Divinity (Honours, First Class), University of Sydney (1993)
  • Master of Arts (Awarded with Merit), University of Sydney (1991)
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Sydney (1989)


The Doctoral Thesis

My doctoral thesis was entitled Reading the Sacred Text. The work argued for a rethinking of the relationship of Scriptural revelation to the Christian understanding of the nature of creation as a text of God, and it did this by way of an engagement with late-modern (or postmodern) discussions on the nature of textuality. It culminated in a study of the hermeneutics of St Paul.


Areas of Research Interest

The biblical understanding of time and space and its relationship to exegesis and economy. A Marian hermeneutics in light of temple-theology and the Song of Songs. The nexus between the rise to dominance of financial capital and Artificial Intelligence and its effect on culture, especially on education.



I tutored and lectured in Biblical Studies at the University of Sydney in 2001. From 1999 through to 2010 I lectured across a number of Adult Education Colleges in the fields of Theology, Philosophy, Biblical Studies, as well as on fine art and literature. These colleges included WEA Sydney, Adult Education at Sydney University, St James Centre, and the Aquinas Academy (where I still give series of talks). Subsequent to 2010 I lectured at the Catholic Adult Education Centre at Lidcombe until it shut down. From 2002 to the end of 2004 I gave series in the same topics at the Matthew Talbot Hostel. In 2012 I lectured at the University of Notre Dame Sydney on Wisdom Literature. I began teaching at the Catholic Institute of Sydney in 2010 where I have taught on both the New and Old Testaments.


Select Publications

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