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Rev Prof. Gerard Kelly*

Rev Prof. Gerard Kelly*

Dogmatic Theology

STB (CIS, 1980), STL (CIS, 1986), PhD (Collège universitaire dominicain d’Ottawa, 1992), STD (Collège universitaire dominicain d’Ottawa, 1996)

+ 61 2 9752 9510


  • Doctor of Sacred Theology, Collège universitaire dominicain (1996)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Theology), Collège universitaire dominicain (1992)
  • Licentiate in Sacred Theology, Catholic Institute of Sydney (1986)
  • Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology, Catholic Institute of Sydney (1980)

Research Interests

  • Ecclesiology, with a particular focus on Christian unity
  • Baptism and Eucharist, and their significance for the unity of the Church.


I am a priest of the Archdiocese of Sydney and was ordained in 1980, after studies at the Catholic Institute of Sydney at St Columba’s College, Springwood and St Patrick’s College, Manly.  I joined the academic staff of CIS in 1986, and was given study leave in 1988 to pursue doctoral studies at the Collège universitaire domincain in Ottawa, Canada.  I returned to CIS at the end of 1992.

I was President of the Catholic Institute of Sydney from 2004 until the end of 2017. In addition to teaching course units at both undergraduate and graduate level, I have also supervised research degree theses in systematic theology. I am currently the editor of the Australasian Catholic Record.

My research interests in ecumenism have seen me involved in theological dialogue. I am currently the Catholic co-chair of the Australian Lutheran-Roman Catholic Dialogue. In addition, I also chair the Faith and Unity Commission of the National Council of Churches in Australia.

Select Publications

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